Custom Fabrication

Getchell & Sons is a custom metal fabrication company that has been working on the U.S. East Coast since 1872. Getchell & Sons works with various CAD modeling software and we can assist you in your design efforts, from prototype to production.

The company owes its continuing success to its staff, which has a rich background in the many fields and practices that go into creating successful, cost-efficient, custom metal fabrication projects.

The staff of the Getchell & Sons sales, management, and design engineering departments all have expertise in a wide range of industries, so they better understand clients’ and the industry’s changing needs.

Getchell & Sons staff work in close partnership with clients in the development and refinement of product designs, as well as production process planning. These experts are held accountable for the quality and integrity of each job. They are responsible for ensuring that all custom metal fabrication jobs are done on time and within budget.

Such relationships have resulted in many successful, profitable and mutually beneficial product introductions for Getchell & Sons customers. It is no wonder that Getchell & Sons has a long history in custom metal work, and has provided quality custom metal fabrication services to various companies throughout the United States and internationally.

If you need custom metal fabrication for your own company, Getchell & Sons can help you. Contact us to discuss your needs and they will help you find the best prices for the services that you need.

Engineering / CAD Systems

Our programming department utilizes FabriWIN for Windows. FabriWIN takes advantage of the latest Microsoft Windows 32 bit multitasking operating system for fast, trouble-free operation. This program is capable of generating code for virtually all punching and cutting machines.

FabriWIN allows our programmers to generate accurate N/C programs that reduce programming time and machine run time. Sheet layout displays all information required for efficient analysis of run time before any metal is punched or cut. Also, the software writes a N/C program with a click of the mouse preventing the necessity of entering machine codes or performing post processing.

Global Shop Solutions

In addition, Getchell and Son also uses licensed software provided by Global Shop Solutions.

Newest Manufacturing Technology allows Getchell and Son to improve customers "on-time deliveries" and "enhance productivity".

By utilizing a Bar-Coded system, Getchell and Son has complete accountabilty of customers orders throughout the entire production process.

Punching Equipment

Our punching equipment includes:

 1 23 Ton C.N.C. STRIPPIT TURRET PUNCH GLOBAL 20 with two 3-1/2” Auto Index Stations

 1 23 Ton C.N.C. STRIPPIT TURRET PUNCH FC1250 XP with two 3-1/2” Auto Index Stations

 1 40 Ton STRIPPIT SINGLE STATION PUNCH with 10’-0” Table

 1 30 Ton STRIPPIT SUPER AG SEMI-AUTO PUNCH with CNC Controlled Back Gage

 1 40 Ton PEDDINGHAUS Iron Worker

Laser Processing

Our laser processing center complements our already diversified facility.
The general purpose laser system gives you the versatility that you need.

• All tooling costs are eliminated

• Part nesting allows for raw material costs to be reduced

• The consistency with which parts are produced reduces assembly and secondary operation

Our Lasers Cut It!















Forming Equipment

Our forming equipment includes:

LVD C.N.C Press Brake with programmable back gage 150 Ton 13’-0”

Other forming equipment at Getchell & Son includes:

• 1 DI-ACRO C.N.C. Press Brake with programmable back gage 35 Ton 6’-0”

• 1 DI-ACRO Press Brake with programmable back gage 35 Ton 8’-0”

• 1 NIAGRA Press Brake with programmable back gage 180 Ton 12’-0”

• 1 NIAGRA Press Brake 15 Ton 4’-0"

• 1 DI-ACRO Press Brake 55 Ton 8’-0”

• 1 DI-ACRO Press Brake 15 Ton 3’-0”

• 3 Miscellaneous Apron Brakes 2’-10’

• 1 4” Power Rolls 10 GA 4’ Capacity

• 1 8” Power Rolls 3/8” - 6’ Capacity

Welding Equipment

Our welding machines includes:

• 15 Acorn Welding Tables


WIRE FEED Welding Machines 250 to 600 Amp

• 4 HOBART CYBER WAVE 300 Amp TIG Welding Machines

• 1 LINCOLN SUB-ARC Welding Machine

• 2 Plasma Burning Machines capabilities to 2-1/2” Stainless Steel

• 1 Alphil 50 KVA Spotwelder

• 1 THOMPSON Spot Welder

• 1 Stud Welder

• 1 RANSOM Tank Roll Positioner

• 5 Positioners from 25# to 5000#

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